You have no idea how excited I am to shoot with you and your love!

I hope you're excited too, but I know there's probably something weighing on your mind: what the heck am I going to wear for pictures? Yeah, I know it can feel overwhelming. You've most likely seen a stream of Instagram posts or Pinterest pics of trendy couples in expensive outfits and WHOA! that can get stressful and confusing really fast right? I'm here to reassure you that you don't have to go buy a brand new outfit (unless you've been looking for a good excuse to) or suddenly become a fashion icon or dress exactly like someone else you saw on social media to look amazing in your pictures. I've put together a few guidelines to make sure that you and your love feel smokin'.


Disclaimer: while I am a huge appreciator of clothes and style, I personally wear leggings and t-shirts most days so I'm not speaking from a pedestal. Remember these are guidelines, not rules!! Deciding not to follow them will not mean that your photos will suck (I'd never let that happen). When it comes down to it, I want you two to look and fee like yourselves. The surest way to look uncomfortable in your pictures is by not dressing true to your style or opting for restricting clothes. As a photographer, I also love movement in my images and encourage my couples to play and interact, so mobility is a priority! My goal is to have you look at your gallery and feel like I captured you two as you are in this moment in your life, so let's make sure that your outfit doesn't work against you!





I definitely recommend bringing a few options. This way, I can pull from a few different outfits to suit the location when we are there. The better your outfits complement the environment, the less distractions there are to take away from you two. Now, don't get too crazy and pull up with your entire closet; we also want to make sure that we're focusing the majority of our time on shooting and not sifting through a pile of clothes. You are able to have as many outfit changes as you want, but if we're putting together 5 different outfits, I can't promise as many pictures! Plan on bringing 2-3 different bottoms and tops each, plus 1-2 dresses for the ladies, and accessories, if that’s your thing - hats, glasses, jackets, rings, necklaces, etc. Just bring a few of your favorite pieces that make you feel amazing and we'll mix and match! Also, if you're not too keen on changing on the side of the road or in the back of your car, you are not required to do an outfit change at all! If you’re keen, send me over a few pics of your outfit options and I can make some recommendations!



The outfit should match the occasion…

Think about the location we'll be shooting in and dress accordingly! If we're on a beach, heels are probably a bad idea (honestly, I don't think heels are a great idea in general). If we're in the snowy canyons, I don't recommend trying to tough it out in a mini dress or sandals. Not only will you be miserable, but you'll look uncomfortable as well! For freezing weather, I suggest pants, baggy sweaters, beanies, jean jackets, thick socks, and snow boots or shoes that can get wet. If you're aiming for a cool, dressier look to contrast with the snow, pick a maxi dress with long sleeves so you can wear leggings and proper shoes underneath. If the weather is going to be hot and humid, don't try to make a sweater/jean combo work just for the sake of the outfit. Opt for clothes that are breathable so there's no armpit or back sweat. Yikes! These are all very simple things that can make sure the session runs smoothly and you feel as comfortable as possible!



Like I mentioned before, it's not only important that the clothing you choose is right for the climate, but also allows you to move comfortably and freely! It's easy to get fidgety if you're in a stiff new pair of pants or struggling with a blister for the whole session in new leather boots. This is why I think skipping the "newer, nicer clothes" route can actually be a better choice! I recommend bringing clothes that are a little bit more broken-in so you'll be as comfortable as possible. This is also the reason I recommend avoiding heels; they sink into the ground and really restrict your movement. If you'd like to wear shoes with a little bit of lift, find a pair with a flat bottom and test them out on some soft grass. If you can still move around freely, that'll work just fine! I also love clothes that can capture motion as well; Dresses create beautiful movement and are my personal favorite.





Neutrals and earthier tones will be your best friend here! Please don't get sad and think that means you're limited to browns and grays; there are neutral shades of every single color! Instead of a bright green, opt for a forest green. Instead of a firetruck red, use it's neutral, maroon. Instead of hot pink, a softer pastel shade will be more complimentary. Instead of a canary yellow, go for more of a mustard (I think you get the picture). Not only will these colors be flattering and easily coordinate (note that I didn't say MATCH) with your love, but they'll edit beautifully as well! 

It's also very important to match colors with skin tones because they'll effect the editing of the pictures more than you might realize! Fair skin has pink and reddish undertones to it so staying away from oranges, pinks, and reds will help avoid making your skin look flaming red (particularly if you spray tan). If you have a pink dress you've been dying to wear, send a pic of it over to me and we'll try and make it work!

If bright colors are more your style, I wouldn't dare squash that! Rather than making the whole outfit bright, aim for neutral clothing and a pop of your favorite color with your accessories! For example, a black ensemble with a red scarf or a white dress with a yellow headband. Letting your personal style shine forward is a huge priority for me so if you'd like some suggestions, I'm more than happy to help!

I personally love patterns on clothing (especially dresses) but if they're too bright or the pattern is too big, it can take away from your faces and the emotion we're trying to capture or worse, blend you into the location if the environment is already kind of busy. Avoid big, loud, chunky prints - the smaller and more subtle the print, the better! If one of you is wearing a print, we'll pair your partner in something more neutral so the images don't feel too hectic.

Also, be sure to iron your clothes before you come! Contrary to popular belief, I can't edit out giant wrinkles in your clothes haha!



They're a perfect way to let your

personality shine through in subtle ways!

Hats, rings, earrings, beanies,

bracelets, sunglasses, neck scarves, headbands.

Bring it all and we can mix it with your outfit!




If you're anything like me, a vision of cringey Pinterest signs or chalkboard speech bubbles flooded into your brain. Have you ever seen "themed" engagements? Oh, I have. But props don't have to be cheesy and cliche! A prop can be a beautiful bouquet, your cat or dog (honestly, if you have a dog and don't bring it, I'll take it very personally), a motorcycle, a pizza feast, smoke bombs or glitter cannon, a knit blanket, your vintage car or pickup truck, a camper van, a campfire, a bicycle, a surf/paddle board, etc. Creative things like this can really show off your personality in a non-cheesy way!



I get asked by clients all the time if they should get their makeup done by a pro. The answer is: will it make you feel your best? Will you feel like Beyonce? Will you feel like YOURSELF?

If you feel like you look like your best self with minimal makeup then skip it. If you love to do your makeup every day and would feel awkward without it, beat that face, girl! If you never wear makeup on a daily basis, but want to glam it up for this occasion, then do it! I think you get it right? I'm all about capturing people as they are and, like I said before, you feeling comfortable is the only way I'll get to see that! 

(P.S. if you're in the Salt Lake/Utah County area, I have a few makeup artists I work with regularly that I would happily recommend)

As for hair, I think it looks best flying in the wind or tangled up in their lover's hands. I can't stress enough that comfort is key so I'd rather have you come with your hair flowing and natural than help you pick a million bobbie pins out of your updo because you feel too stiff!  



In-Home Sessions


The guidelines above apply here too, but I suggest wearing as little clothing as possible! I swear I'm not a creeper, the photos will look more comfortable and intimate when you're showing a little skin vs. wearing a ton of layers. Choose an assortment of tanks, jeans, shorts, crop tops, bralettes, sweaters, etc. You want to get a lil spicy and just be down to your skivvies and your man is shirtless? I'm totally down!…and totally not creepy I SWEAR.



I hope that these guidelines have been helpful and you have a pretty good idea of the direction you'd like to go. If you're still

feeling overwhelmed, please please don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you might have.

Remember, these are guidelines, not rules. There are always exceptions!

I can't wait to get to know both of you and capture your love!