Hey there lovers…

I'm so excited you've come my way!

My name is Madisen but you can call me Maddy. 

I'm stoked that you're even considering me for your wedding; it really is an honor!
I mean, this is the start of one of your greatest adventures and it's so important that you have someone there to capture everything, from the little details to the big moments.

Maybe your only experience with a photographer so far has been out of necessity. You just needed someone to push a button, right? Well if that's what you're looking for, I will happily help you find a great fit, but I am NOT your girl. Every wedding needs a photographer, but I can offer so much more than being your hired tripod.

In fact, I insist on it! 

When the cake is eaten, you're back in regular clothes, and all the festivities you’d planned for months are all done, what you'll have left is your love and beautiful images that you'll cherish for a lifetime. 

I'm not here to just stand and point my camera while you smile awkwardly - literally anyone can do that!

This is about more than a few sweet Instagram posts (though you’ll definitely get them). My inspiration will always be your real relationship so you can look back on these images and remember exactly who you were in that moment. 5, 10, 20 years from now, these images will be your time capsule. This means that you will be given a gallery that captures you, as you are.

If this is the experience you've been searching for, I think that we will get along just fine. 


Whit and Sean

“Maddy! These are absolutely stunning! I love the colors, the clarity, and the context. There’s seriously a story behind every photo. I flipped through them as soon as I got your email. I laughed, I teared up, I made a lot of “aw” happy noises. I want you to know that I wouldn’t have wanted or even trusted anyone else with out wedding photos. You aren’t only an incredible boss lady photographer, but a great friend. Thank you for traveling over an entire ocean to be our wedding photographer!”


Amber & Adam

“Maddy!!! Oh my gosh this is the best day! I’m absolutely obsessed with all these photos! The coloring is to die for! Adam and I had a blast looking through the gallery last night. I’m so, so happy with it all. Seriously, thank you for all your hard work and being a part of our day. We can’t wait to show our friends and family.”


CJ + Kayley


“MADDY......These are absolutely STUNNING! FRICK, FRICK, FRICK!!!!!!!!
I have been waiting so eagerly to see these, and I am almost in tears looking through them. YOU ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL, MADDY. We couldn't have imagined a funnier, comfortable, or more amazing person like you to share that day with us. THESE WILL BE ALL OVER YOUR FEED over the next week or two or three or forever. I could go on and on Maddy, but seriously, WOW. Thank you so, so much. Your talent is so evident, and your passion for this radiates in your work. I can't wait to share these!!!”




{Each of my collections covers bridals, formals, ceremony, family pictures, and The reception!
Pricing differences between packages depends on the hours you'd like to cover these events.}
*please note that sales tax is currently included in all package prices*

  • 8 hours of wedding coverage

  • online edited gallery with free high res image download

  • printing rights

  • complimentary mini engagement session

  • keepsake polaroids from your special day

  • travel fee added where applicable


  • 10 hours of wedding coverage

  • online edited gallery with free high res image download

  • printing rights

  • complimentary miniengagement session

  • includes 2 hours of free second shooter coverage

  • keepsake polaroids from your big day

  • travel fee added where applicable


Ideal for partying from Dawn to dusk!
  • 12 hours of wedding coverage

  • online edited gallery with free high res image download

  • printing rights

  • complimentary mini engagement session

  • keepsake polaroids from your big day

  • includes 3 hours of free second shooter coverage

  • travel fee added where applicable



Let's adventure somewhere beautiful together!

- Up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage

- complimentary 1 hour engagement session

*travel fee may apply

- complimentary 1 hour couples shoot, to be used within the time of our travels together

- keepsake polaroids documenting your beautiful day

- online edited gallery with free high res image download

- airfare & accommodations for wedding travel covered in package price

Maybe a big, traditional wedding isn't for you...and that's totally okay!
THere's something breathtakingly romantic about gathering your tiny tribe together for an intimate celebration of your love.
Whether you're by the sea in iceland, 
on a cliff in yosemite, 
or gathered under a flower arch in the backyard of your childhood home, 

I want to help you remember it all.

Coverage starting at $1400

4 hours for ceremony coverage, family pictures, and scenic formals

Maximum of 30 guests in attendance 

Add up to 8 additional hours for buildable coverage 

    All packages include keepsake polaroids from your big day, online gallery with free

high res download + printing rights

*Travel fees added where applicable* 


Engagement Session - $450

- up to 1.5 hours of playful shooting time

- minimum of 100 edited images

- unlimited locations and outfit changes (within session time)

  • Additional time - $300/hour for wedding packages

  • $375/hour coverage when not booked with wedding package

  • engraved keepsake usb - $25

  • additional polaroids - $15/pack

  • second shooter - email for pricing

  • - "second shooter" can be a confusing title so here is the breakdown: maybe there's a part of your day where you'd love lots of details covered, like your ceremony. I can bring in another photographer to help make sure you don't have to worry about a single memory being missed. While I capture every moment of the groom's face as you walk down the aisle, my counterpart is getting every frame of your happy tears as well. All images from this second shooter will be edited by me to fit cohesively into your wedding gallery.


"Thank you a hundred times over for being so willing to shoot our wedding full of our crazy peeps! We are so OBSESSED. I'm currently looking through them again right now. We 100% love them all!

- Hina & Colton



Traveling is one of my favorite parts of this job and I'm down to meet up with you anywhere! I travel often and all over for weddings and sessions so don't be hesitant at the idea of me coming to you.

A travel fee will be added to your collection/session if you are out of state or if you are more than a 2 hour drive from me (I am currently based in central Utah). The standard travel fee covers roundtrip airfare (or a rental car and/or gas depending on the distance), access to a car, and two nights of accommodations (for the night before and the night of your wedding date, usually through AirBnB). This can vary depending on the location we're going to but I do always guarantee that I will use the most inexpensive means so this fee is minimal. I'm a pretty low maintenance person so I'm down to drive, hike, or camp to capture your love. 

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COUPLES: I am in Southern California pretty frequently for weddings and shoots! I have access to accommodations and transportation while I am there so for your convenience, the travel fee will only cover the cost of airfare.

When is a travel fee added? What's included in the travel fee?

I know that sometimes the timeline can get complicated and that's okay! One “break” is allowed for travel (ex: from ceremony to reception) and may not exceed 1 hour. If it does, we can adjust your package size to fit your needs!

Do the hours we book have to be consecutive or can they be split up throughout the day?

Can we take our formals and bridals on a separate day, before our wedding? 

Absolutely! This is a growing trend that can easily be accommodated. I can do your formals and bridals the day-of or before (they'll be gorgeous no matter what!), but here are a few reasons I usually encourage my couples to break tradition and do them before their wedding day if it's an option:

1. We can go anywhere! Driving to the perfect beach, out to the desert, or into the mountains isn't always an option the day-of your wedding, but we aren't as limited if we go a few days or a week before. 

2. We can take our time and not be rushed. You won't be stressing about getting back to your reception and people aren't interrupting to ask you questions or the other million things that happen on your wedding day. You can take a little time to soak up your love and enjoy the experience.

3. You get more time with friends and family on your big day. If your formals are already done, I won't have to drag you away for an hour or so to take them!

4. You can display them at your reception. Depending on how far ahead we take them, you'll have at least a few (if not all) to print and decorate your reception with. 

5. You get to do a "first look". I always start the session with a "first look" moment so that the experience is intimate and special. You still get that "walk down the aisle" moment, but without the pressure of everyone watching. I also encourage my couples to write each other love letters or more personal vows to share just with each other. I know it can be kind of hard saying personal things like that in front of all your wedding guests so it's special to have that moment alone. 


If you decide to do your formals the day-of your wedding, it does count into your final hour count. I also ask that you set aside at least 1 hour for formals so that we can make sure you get as many amazing shots as possible. If the schedule for the day won't allow 1 hour, I'm good at shooting pretty quick but obviously I can't promise you'll get as many images. 

If you decide to do your formals before your wedding, there will be a fee of $250 BUT it does not take away from your overall hour count for your wedding day. We will also have up to 2 hours to shoot your formals and bridals which means you will likely receive more images. 

How many images will we get in our gallery? And will I be allowed to have any raw images?

I deliver between 50-80 images per hour of shooting for weddings and 30-50 images per hour for elopements.  I never give clients any of the RAW images. Half of the magic (and I would guess, the reason you hired me) is in the editing. Every image you receive is carefully curated and edited so you have memories you love to revisit over and over. I try to give a variety of shots from your formals and as many candids as possible of your guests because I know you won't want to miss a thing!

What do I have to do to officially book with you?

If you'd like to move forward with booking (I'm stoked!) then I will send you your proposal right away! It includes details about your package, your contract, and an invoice. In order to be officially booked, you must sign the contract and pay the 25% nonrefundable retainer. I can't hold your date without those two things so please comply quickly before someone else wants to snag it!

Do you offer payment schedules?

Absolutely! Let me know how many payments you'd like your balance to be broken down into and I can set that up on your invoice!

While editing your photos, I do edit out distractions and whiten teeth. Particularly for close up shots, I also smooth and perfect your skin. This is a service that is normally very expensive and considered an "add-on" but I want you to feel your best! I do want to make it clear that editing your body or your guests' bodies or your families' bodies is not included or a part of my regular editing. I am also not responsible for any poor wardrobe choices that are made. That being said, if you feel very strongly about altering your body in your photos, I would rather do it cleanly and professionally. There will be a fee of $15/photo for small alterations; if you'd like something more major, they will be outsourced to a professional and their rates will apply.

Are you down to photoshop us?

I've put together a handy What To Wear Guide that will help take care of all the stress of picking out an outfit. As soon as you're booked, I'll send it over!

What should we wear to the photoshoot?

Woweee, you made it to the end! I'm super proud of you because I know that was a lot of information. Wanna know the next step to solidify me as your third wheel?

1. Hit me with all your questions. I hope that I was able to answer most of them, but if you have anything at all on your mind, send it my way! I'm more than happy to jump on a quick Skype or FaceTime call and answer any questions you might have. 

2. If you're totally ready, let me know and I'll send over your contract and get your deposit. then you'll officially be on my schedule!

3. let's plan out some details so we can work together to capture your love story.