Hey do you recognize these two? Yup, it’s Sierra and Joe from Survivor!! And yes, they are just as gorgeous in real life as they are in these photos. Sierra and Joe met on Survivor and before they started dating, (fans of the show will already know this) she actually voted him off the island HA! She said while we were shooting “maybe if I had known he was the love of my life, I wouldn’t have voted him off”. They are so dreamy in real life too, and super kind people. They’re getting married for real pretty soon too!!
The fabulous Aubree Carter put together a content day in Utah and even with some scheduling issues, I was able to make it to the last two shoots of the day. I’m SO grateful I did because these formals were everything! Beautiful studio lighting, a unique beaded bridal gown, colorful florals, this stunning super-in-love couple, and confetti? It’s hard to go wrong. I have a new-found love for studio formals and I’d love to do them more!! If you want something timeless and creative for your wedding photos, you know where I am!


Host/Stylist/Boss Babe: Aubree Belle Photography (@aubreebellephotography)

Studio: Miesh Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah (@mieshstudio)

Couple: Sierra Thomas (@sierra_dawn_) & Joe Anglim (@janglim21)

Bridal Gown: Off White Bridal - Nova Dress

Florals: Harper Florals (@harperflorals)

Makeup Artist: Lexi Harker (@lexiharkerbeauty)

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