Being a part of Shawna and Walter's wedding has been one of my favorite experiences in my time as a photographer. These two have so much love and romance between them, it flowed so naturally while we were shooting. They seemed to move as one and fall right into place without me needing to pose or direct them - a photographer's dream! It just added to the whole experience that our setting had so much sentimental value to Shawna; she grew up in the area and this was her favorite childhood beach. The lighting, setting, and couple were all so dreamy, easily making this one of my favorite formal sessions!

Shawna's gown: Spell Designs Bridal

Bouquet: Annelise Preciado (@annelise.june)





When I arrived at Shawna's grandma's house in a tiny, quiet neighborhood in Fallbrook, I was immediately welcomed in with sandwiches and leftover cake by her amazing family and that's pretty much how the rest of the day was. Warmth and light seemed to be radiating from the bride and groom and everyone in attendance. Shawna and Walter are two of the most easy-going people I've ever met and their big day was no different. We sat and talked and laughed, then as we moved into the "bride's room" so Shawna could get ready, she pulled up a picture on her phone of what she wanted her hair to look like and her sister had it done within 30 minutes, no practice or preparation. It was one of the most laid-back wedding days I've ever been a part of!

Their backyard ceremony was beautifully simple and left everyone (including me) in tears. Shawna was barefoot walking down the aisle, flowers in her hair, and eyes gleaming as she stood across from Walter. As they read their vows and told their story, they both started to cry. They met when Shawna was still in high school. She had joined a gymnastics class at the community college across the street from where we went to high school and became friends with Walter, who was in the class as well. They bonded over their love for gymnastics and after a few years of friendship, even more years of dating, and traveling the world as acrobats, they got to stand in front of all their loved ones and vow to love each other for the rest of their lives as husband and wife. Pure magic!

This is an insanely talented couple! They'll never admit it, but it's true. At the reception, they told me that they decided to forego the traditional first dance and do a Lyra routine instead. Like what?! Basically, they do crazy acrobatic moves from a hanging, spinning hoop. I struggle climbing stairs sometimes so watching them do these crazy moves blew my mind!

Such a beautiful day with two beautiful souls!