One of my favorite parts of this job is getting the chance to take pictures of old friends and their loved ones! Kenz and I were both freshman at BYU-Hawai'i together and I'm so happy we're still friends all these years later (I won't say how many years, it makes me feel old LOL). Now, here we are: both happily married, wedding photographers, and I'm about to have a baby! CRAZY how time flies!

We got together a couple months ago and arranged a fun photo swap so we could finally meet each other's husbands and spend some time together. She is so talented and took the most amazing maternity pictures of us at the sand dunes (I blogged them all HERE) and I planned this fun sunrise shoot with them out at the Salt Flats. They're such a wonderful couple and it was easy to get them to share their love with me. 

Check out Kenz's photography, she's amazing ( and I'll be posting more of her work on my blog soon since she's going to be shooting my birth story in the next few weeks! Yay!