This absolute unicorn babe is my BEST FRIEND and I feel so fortunate that I got to take some pictures of her and her love. We have been through hell since we became friends almost 6 years ago. She had just turned 16 and was starting college (like...what?) and I was 18. We were (and technically still are) both hot messes, trying to figure out what we wanted out of love and life and our education. Some of those questions are still unanswered, but we've been each other's constant throughout the years. It's one of those friendships where we can go days or even weeks without talking, but we know that nothing has changed and we pick up right where we left off.

Watching Bri fall in love with Darryl and having them interact with each other on this shoot was a dream because well...look at them. They work it. So much love and happiness to two of my favorite people in the whole world!

Dress: For Love And Lemons

Makeup: The one and only goddess Sadie Shill (@sadieshill_makeup)

Models/Couple: Darryl Dzapasi (@darryldzapasi) & Bri Garrido (@briana.garrido)