Karen has been one of my best friends for 7 years now and I don't know what I would do without her. We actually met in our Black and White Film Photo class and became friends when we bonded over our experiences with a mutual ex-boyfriend. HA! We've been there for each other through break-ups, a very long distance friendship, graduations, big life changes, a wedding (me), and a pregnancy and birth (also me). She was my Maid of Honor and she spoils my baby girl like crazy. Like, she decided in a 10 minute window that she was going to drive 10 hours from California to Utah with her crazy mom to come and see me and my girl a day after I gave birth. How lucky am I?

Watching her find a love like the one she shares with Charles has been so special! When I was getting married, Karen had just started *kind of* talking to Charles. They both work at Disneyland and Karen had sworn she would never date a coworker. I told her she was more than welcome to bring him to the reception and she got so awkward about it and said absolutely NOT, she works with him and they'd never date. Three and a half years later, here they are: crazy in love and they can still stand working together. Love you guys so much!