Being a part of this wedding was such an immense blessing! One of the best parts of this job is making new friends with the wonderful people I get to shoot with and Keala and Al are no exception. We hit it off almost immediately when we met to shoot their engagements (their session can be seen hereand just continued to have a blast with each session after that. 

Bryan and I had a chance to drive from Utah up to Idaho to do some of their formals and set up a "first look" for the groom. We blindfolded him and drove him all the way to the falls so the anticipation was palpable. That moment when the groom gets to see his for the first time is one of my all-time favorites! He was overcome with awe and excitement. It was a beautiful way to start all the wedding festivities (even if the actual wedding was still a month away at this point). 

The actual wedding was December 17 in Oakland, CA. Since Keala didn't have her veil and bouquet when we shot in Idaho, we met the day before their ceremony to take some more formals and her bridals in San Francisco. We had to hike down to this little cove (good thing this couple is ready for anything) and it was SO worth it. The black sand, white water, and red rock cliffs were so dreamy and got us all pumped for the big day!

We had prepared for their big day to be cold and a bit overcast (Oakland in December isn't usually very inviting), but instead we got a nice warm day with tons of sunlight! So many wonderful friends and family came to surround these two with love; you could feel the excitement in the air.

I also have to admit that I have a soft spot for Polynesian weddings. They know how to throw a great party! There was dancing, tons delicious food, and cultural presentations honoring the bride and groom's mixed heritage. If you haven't been to a Poly wedding, you are missing out!

I'm so grateful I had the chance to be a part of such a beautiful cultural celebration and make some great new friends at the same time. I have the best job in the world!