I have so much love for these two, there are barely words! Bryan and I met Amy in Hawai'i and spent practically every day with her. She was staying for the summer in Laie, working for the same zip-line as Bryan so we got to spend tons of quality time with her, diving and eating obscene amounts of Thai food. Amy is one of those people with a genuinely beautiful spirit; she welcomes in every person that she meets. Put simply, you can't dislike Amy. It's impossible. 

When we moved out to Utah and finally got to meet Milo (who is also IMPOSSIBLE to dislike), we knew that there couldn't be a more perfect match. Amy and Milo met 10 years ago, in Mr. Beer's 4th period Geography class, to be exact. They spent a couple years as best friends before they started dating on and off. He left to attend BYU and serve his mission, she went on to attend Utah State. They both tried to date other people, but kept finding their way back to each other before something else would pull them away. When I asked Milo about it, he said that every time he dated someone else, there was always something missing and he knew that it was because she wasn't Amy *swoon* *heart eyes* *ugly cry*. According to Milo, he's spent the last 10 years "convincing" Amy they were meant to be together, but even a few years ago when we first heard about Milo, she had told us she knew it was him. That, my friends, is a movie-worthy love story. 

Their wedding was absolutely magical and so full of love, you could see it on everyone's faces. It was just a heart-warming day all around. While I didn't photograph their big day, I offered to shoot some formals for them a few weeks after as a belated wedding gift. Flowers were provided by Bitzy Blooms and the whole thing just came together beautifully. Congrats to the most wonderful couple, the Leakehes!