I first "met" Avery during one of my Instagram/social media stalks. One person led to another and I stumbled on this BEAUTIFUL girl that has a genuine passion for life; I could feel it through my screen. I know that in this age of social media it's easy to create this contrived version of who you want to be out into the world for people to admire, but with Avery (and her wonderful husband Brit) what you see is what you get. We started talking casually, commenting on each other's pictures and watching Instagram stories (modern friendships are so weird now, right?) until one day I decided to reach out and see if she and Brit wanted to do a shoot. They had so much chemistry and looked so fun, I wanted a chance to capture it! After some poor communication and spur of the moment planning, I ended up at their cute little apartment in Provo as the sun was rising. Avery and I started chatting immediately and Brit had to jump in and remind us that he was starving (haha). They made chocolate chip waffles and scrambled eggs for all three of us and blasted music in their tiny kitchen - Alicia Keys is the current favorite. 

I think my favorite part about these two was that everything was effortless. I gave almost no direction and they just laughed and kissed and danced all morning; it felt like exactly what would have been happening even if I wasn't there and that's pretty special.