I first met Nick and Katie when I took their engagements a few years ago. We had a lot of random connections - like going to the same tiny university in Hawai’i - but hadn’t ever connected before that session. We hit it off pretty quick and I had so much fun capturing their quirky love. Fast forward a year or so and Katie reached out to ask me to do an anniversary session with them! This is always an incredibly flattering request; there’s something about repeat clients that makes me go “what?? ME again??”. I love it!! We set a date a few months in advance that worked with both our schedules (they’re a photo/video team!) and left it at that. Right before we were supposed to meet up for the shoot, Katie told me that SHE’S PREGNANT(!!) and they had brought their ultrasound with them to get a few shots as their announcement post (I included a few in this post). Now I was double flattered.

Love these two cutie parents so much and I can’t wait to meet baby boy MARZ!!


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