Sharing a personal project can be the ultimate form of artistic vulnerability. It’s showing the world what goes on in your head and where you draw your inspiration and that shiz can be terrifying!! That’s why it’s been over a year since I shot a project just for myself. I’ve had SO MANY ideas floating around in my head that I’ve been dying to capture but the fear of failure was just too great. What if it sucks? What if I’m no good at styling? What if I can’t execute? And the worst one: what if I reach out to all these incredible vendors and creatives to collaborate and I underdeliver? Or underwhelm them with the results? AND THEY FEEL LIKE THEY WASTED THEIR TIME WITH ME? Seriously, the horror.

But now I’m putting my foot down and saying “HELL NAW” to that doubting voice and shooting for myself as much as I can this year. I absolutely love my couples and this work, but now I know how badly I need to balance it out with shoots just for me. It keeps my mind actively creative which means that my skills are sharper for my clients.

My inspiration for this shoot came for my desperate desire for summer and my developing love for punchy colors. I got to experiment a bit with in-camera double exposure and I’m so stoked with the results.

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