When it comes to engagements (or any photo session for that matter), who says that you and your love can’t both have what you want?

For this engagement session, CJ had just one request: he wanted at least a few pictures to be 90’s/2000’s af band photos with jean jacket, grainy vibes. To this, I said HELL FREAKIN’ YES! Not only did it push me to be creative with lighting and posing, but it was so fun to execute a “his and hers” vibe for their session. It totally captures who they are and we had a blast planning the day. Kayley had done some research on Utah (they travelled in for their session from California) and found out we have the world’s largest living organism: a giant quaking aspen forest! I had no idea! We were able to spend the morning in Salt Lake City capturing fun, urban photos and then ventured to Fish Lake for some gorgeous scenic shots among the Pando forest.

I’m totally here for the couples that want to carefully plan and capture BOTH personalities in their memories!

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