Sometimes things don't go as planned at a shoot. We were hoping by the date we chose to do their engagements that these hills would be full of blooming poppies and wildflowers, but there were only a few scattered buds and random carpets of tiny yellow flowers.

BUT as I have recently learned and continually proven to myself, it is not all about the location (although I love me some breathe-taking nature); the couple and finding ways to help them show me their love is the reason we're there.

While the green rolling hills and wide open spaces were gorgeous, the real natural wonder was watching these two work magic on each other to. 

It can be nerve-wracking stepping in front of the camera (who really knows why?!) but as I encouraged them to focus on each other,

you could see the sparks flying. 

You can tell how much they really love each other and enjoy playing and laughing together; they're one of those magical unicorn couples that genuinely enjoy letting the other person be themselves. 

I mean, if you're not going to marry your best friend, why get married at all??

Plus, they brought their sweet doggo, Silly, who is SUCH A GOOD GIRL and totally stole the show. 

Thanks for introducing me to your sweet pup and letting me see your love, guys.

I can't wait to party at their wedding this summer!!

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