My name is Madisen but you can call me Maddy. 

I'm honored that you're even considering me for your birth story! I mean, this is the start of one of your greatest adventures and it's so important that you have someone there to capture the little details and the big emotions.

Maybe you're wondering why in the world you'd want a photographer at such an intimate moment (I'm looking at you, dads). These are the life-defining moments for your little family! Birth is a beautiful, empowering, transformative blur and this time goes by so quickly. As women, we don't get to see or focus on what is going on around us when we bring our babies into the world.

Memories can fade so quickly and I want to give you a gallery that will transport you back to those moments and you will cherish rest of your life. 

I want to capture you as your grow your baby and make sure you know how beautiful you are. I want to give you images of your baby's wrinkly little body and tiny features because once you blink, they’re almost grown and you don't want to forget how tiny they once were.

I'm there for the raw moments. I won't pressure you to pose or smile for the camera or have heaps of makeup on to look picture-perfect. I'm there for the ugly cries when they put that squishy bundle on your chest for the first time. I'm there for your husband's first time doing skin-to-skin. I'm there for the powerful moments as you ride the waves of your contractions. I'm there for when you feel like giving up and learn you're more powerful than you ever could have imagined. 

That's part of what makes birth stories so exciting (and important!) because your story isn't going to be like anyone else's! 

If this is the experience you've been searching for, I think that we will get along just fine. 


"Having Maddy capture our daughter's birth was an amazing experience. I was so focused on my wife during her labor that I forgot for a minute that she was there. Maddy was kind and gracious throughout the whole process, being in the right place at the right time, but never in the way. Her photos of our daughter's first moments will be something we will cherish forever."

- Homer


"I went into labor a week early and in the middle of the night so I was worried Maddy wouldn’t be able to make it and I was so sad, but when she messaged us back saying she was on her way, I was relieved! She showed up and was snapping away, but no one even noticed her! It did not feel like we had to pose or act to get “the perfect shot”. I am that girl who wants everything photographed because I want to be able to look back at anything at any time! Giving birth was such a whirlwind and I didn’t remember much of the day but when we got our pictures back from Maddy I CRIED MY EYES OUT! It was so beautiful to relive one of the greatest moments in our lives, becoming parents! I can’t find the words to describe how amazing it is to have these photos for the rest of our lives! If you’re on the fence about a birth story, DO IT! It is worth every single penny and Maddy is your girl!”


"Yes!! I am uncontrollably crying all over again! Maddy, you seriously captured every emotion perfectly! I'm so grateful for you. I don't think it's a coincidence how everything ended up working out to have you shoot...I couldn't ask for better memories! I'll cherish them literally forever! Thank you so much! I've never loved receiving pictures more in my entire life. I want to give you a hug! I'm feeling all those emotions all over again. So special, I love them so much!" 




  • Coverage of your intimate labor experience

  • Delivery of your beautiful baby

  • 1 hour of postpartum bonding time including skin-to-skin & breastfeeding

    Extra time can be added to package upon request to allow more time to capture friends and family with your new little ones
  • Coverage of your intimate labor experience

  • Delivery of your beautiful baby

  • 2 hours of postpartum bonding time including skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, and time to capture your family meeting your new little one

  • Includes 1 hour mini maternity or newborn shoot



Newborn session - $300

within 2 weeks of your baby's birth

  • unlimited outfit changes

  • up to 90 mins of playful shooting time

  • parents, siblings, & cats or dogs welcome

  • minimum of 75 edited images

  • in-home or in-studio

    (my discretion based on lighting)

*studio fee added to session where applicable*


Maternity session - $350

  • 90 minutes of playful shooting time

  • minimum of 75 edited images

  • keepsake polaroids of this beautiful time

  • unlimited locations (within session time)

  • outdoor location or studio

    *studio fee added to session where applicable*


Fresh 48 Session - $200

Must be within 48 hours of baby's birth

  • unlimited outfit changes

  • 60 mins of playful shooting time

  • parents & siblings welcome

  • minimum of 50 edited images

  • must be in hospital

    (in-home session only if baby was birthed in-home or birthing center)


"When my wife first brought up the idea of having a birth photographer I was kind of nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, and then she showed me example pictures and I was even more nervous. I didn’t know if I wanted someone else in the room besides me. However, the more I thought about it, the more I started wanting a photographer as well, so we could remember the sweet experience of the birth of our first child. Maddy was such an amazing photographer! She came in and the three of us instantly became friends, and she took such amazing photographs for being in such a low lighting situation. Being a photographer myself, I understand that it can be tough to get great photos out of low light, but she did such an amazing job. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in having a birth photographer. In the package we bought, we also received an in-home session after the birth. We took it about two months after our daughter was born and got some great family photos of the three of us, one on ones with the baby, and some of just the baby. If you are looking for a great photographer, just look through her amazing collection - you won’t be disappointed."

- Connor

  • Additional time - $100/hour for postpartum visiting

  • Mini-newborn or maternity session - $200 (can only be added to a bigger package,  not booked alone)                   

  • Engraved keepsake usb (for birth stories only) - $25

  • Additional polaroids - $15/pack


"My biggest apprehension regarding the decision to hire a birth photographer was whether the result would be worth the price. Babies are expensive! I didn’t want to spend good money on a photographer if there was any risk of getting a bunch of “throwaway” images in return. I had researched several different photographers (my husband and I are extremely picky) and pretty much lost hope. One day, only a few weeks before our daughter’s due date, I happened upon one of Maddy’s beautiful images from a recent birth story. I absolutely fell in love! As I explored her gallery I just knew we had to have her. She was so extraordinarily accommodating on such short notice, and her kindness, respect, and appreciation for the entire labor and delivery process made our experience with her comfortable and indeed quite lovely. The genuine passion she has for her work shines through into every last image we received. We are so pleased with the intimate moments Maddy has captured of our little family and look forward to working with her again and again!" - Lexi



I bet you have some questions....

I typically try to get to the hospital/birth center/your house when you are dilated to 5 or 6 cm. When you are at 6 cm, it's considered active labor so it's the best time for me to be there! I stay with you until your baby comes. That could be any number of hours! The longest I've ever stayed at a hospital to document a birth was 14 hours. Your 1 hour of postpartum time (or 2 depending on your package) starts when you do your first skin to skin. 

How many hours are included in the birth story? How long do you stay?

How many images will we get in our gallery? And will I be allowed to have any raw images?

You will receive a minimum of 100 images no matter how long I'm with you at your birth. I never give clients any of the RAW images. Every image you receive is carefully curated and edited so you have memories you love to revisit over and over. I try to give as many shots as possible because I know that you don't want to miss a single thing!

In order to book, you must pay a retainer so you're on my schedule. The retainer is $100 and nonrefundable unless I have to completely cancel on you for any reason. I am on call for weeks before your due date and at any time of the day or night, so the retainer covers that. The balance of your birth story isn't due until after you deliver. 

For Grow With Me packages, easy payment plans can be set up upon request! The initial deposit is 25%. 

When is payment due? Can we do payment plans?

I often book birth stories around the times I have other events because birth is so unpredictable! I check in with you quite a bit before your due date so we can coordinate schedules. If you are concerned at all about my schedule, it will be your responsibility to line up a backup photographer

What if you're not able to make it to our birth because of a wedding or other session?

I'm currently only offering mini sessions as an add-on to bigger packages and not booking them alone. 

What if I just want to book a mini newborn or maternity session instead
of a full session?

What do I have to do to officially book with you?

If you'd like to move forward with booking (I'm stoked!) then I will send you your proposal right away! It includes details about your package, your contract, and an invoice. In order to be officially booked, you must sign the contract and pay the $100 nonrefundable retainer. I can't hold your date without those two things so please comply quickly before someone else wants to snag it!

For Newborn sessions or Maternity sessions, the retainer is $50. For Grow With Me packages, the deposit is 25%. 

Do you take pictures of..."down there" while I'm giving birth?

I only shoot what you are comfortable with! In Utah, hospitals won't allow me to take pictures of your baby coming out for liability reasons, so images will be taken from your shoulders looking down. I am not uncomfortable in any way of capturing that perspective if we are in a facility that allows it! If you are unsure, I can capture every detail, including baby being born, and you can choose to do what you want with them. I do not post nudity or crowning babies on Instagram or my blog so they will just be for you anyway. 

While editing, I do clear up your skin and whiten your teeth (if it could use a little TLC, I got your back). I do not usually edit out stretch marks as it takes away the raw, authentic nature of birth. I think they are beautiful and part of your story! I do not believe it is physically possible for a birthing mother to look "ugly". You are a glorious goddess!!

I can do minor body alterations for an additional charge of $15/photo. If you'd like more complex adjustments, I can outsource to a professional upon request. Pricing for this service will vary.

are you down to photoshop me?

I've put together a handy What To Wear Guide that will help take care of all the stress of picking out an outfit. When you're all booked, I'll send it over!

What should we wear to the photoshoot?

Woweee, you made it to the end! I'm super proud of you because I know that was a lot of information. Wanna know the next step to book me for your birth or session?

1. Hit me with all your questions. I hope that I was able to answer most of them, but if you have anything at all on your mind, send it my way! I'm more than happy to jump on a quick Skype or FaceTime call and answer any questions you might have. 

2. If you're totally ready, let me know and I'll send over your contract and get your deposit. then you'll officially be on my schedule!

3. let's plan out some details so we can work together to capture This beautiful time in your life!